For those coming by car from the North: Take the A3 Highway towards Naples – Pompei – Salerno, then exited at Angri, and follow the indications for the Amalfi Coast, and Valico di Chiunzi.

You may also take the A30 Highway toward Caserta – Salerno and exit at Salerno, there you take the A3, towards Naples then follow the route indicated above.

There are those who preferred to take the magnificent Statale Amalfitana, it will lengthen the way a little, but the splendid panorama will compensates for it. To take it just follow the freeway until Vietri sul Mare, or the A30 until Salerno, then continue along the fabulous 163 SS Costiera Amalfitana until you get to Maiori, there you take the Nuova Chiunzi way until you reach Valico, where you must to right and then just follow the signs.

For those coming from the South: Take the A1 Highway Reggio Calabria – Salerno, exited at Salerno, and continue or for Naples and Angri, or follow the indications for the Amalfi Coast.

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