Restaurant & Cooking School

We use only the best products, which we buy from small producers, shepherds and small craftsmen.

Our mozzarella drips milk. The pickles conserves the spring aroma, among our delicacies you’ll find fresh cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese, caciocavalli cheese, caciotte goat cheese, all delicious typical cheeses, fruit marmalades, fresh honey, spirited cherries, dried figs, biscottato bread, salami, fruits of the season… and our local herbs liqueurs: limoncello, nocino, mortello, lauro, finocchietto selvatico, fragoline di bosco or our exclusive “concierto” the liqueur of grass that is only grown in Tramonti , made by the monks at the “ Regio Conservatorio dei SS Giuseppe e Teresa”.

Not forget to try the pizzas, also take-out, which made the inhabitants of Tramonti famous throughout the world;

For those who want to learn the secrets of our delicious gastronomy, on request, we organize cooking classes and school pizza!

* we use only the best meats, Chianina beef, certified from LEM Company!